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Incoming House

2012-02-06 00:28:44 by NS-NG

Working on some sort of House song, heavily inspired by a song packaged with FL Studio: "Adam Szabo - One Day (Funk Mix)". I have the instruments for bass and most of the drums, and I have something similar to the rhodes piano he uses. There's some more I need to do to tie it together -- it would technically be a song if I cut here and render, but I want to see what I can do with the house platform.

Too Much Amen

2012-01-09 23:43:33 by NS-NG

I don't have any other drum samples, though, so it's that or MIDI.

I'd appreciate links to tutorials on how to make my own drums, preferably for DnB.

I also want to learn to deal with dubstep, but I'm worried LMMS doesn't have enough flexibility with its instruments to deal with that, and I don't want to buy or pirate FL Studio.

Now I'm out of stale material

2010-11-06 13:28:17 by NS-NG

I need to make more music now.
That's all the songs I have queued.
I'm thinking of finishing the Rift album for sure, not really sure what instruments I should be using.
Also have AP Stat coursework so this is all I can do for the month or so.
Maybe I'll start on new songs next month?
The music I currently have is either up here or blank.
Maybe I'll work with more amen-break-chopped-up songs.

Old songs

2010-11-06 07:05:47 by NS-NG

I've been looking through my Saved Songs folder in LMMS, and I realized that a lot of those songs are finished. So I'm uploading them here.

I guess I could call this a dump of something or another.

Thinking of grouping the songs into albums -- Rift is one of the concepts I definitely want to work on.

Attached is the prototype of the .jpg album cover. I have an .xcf of the text, trying to figure out how to get some of my tribal art onto that. Phailing pretty badly.

Old songs


2009-07-30 14:54:41 by NS-NG

I'm taking a bit of a "break", I'm gonna quit ramming my face into the keyboard to try to make new and exciting basslines. This time, I'll go for breakcore.

I already have some sort of bizarre FM cello sounding WTF synth for my bass and some cool tramen drums which I sped up to be more awesome. All that's left is to figure out how I'm going to make a song out of this.

I wonder if there's anything else I'll need.

Going up to CT, also got LSDJ

2009-07-22 02:47:59 by NS-NG

On my way up to Connecticut, and while I'm there, I'll be switching between playing Advance Wars on my DS and making music with LSDJ and LMMS on my computer.

There we go.

2009-07-02 09:39:52 by NS-NG

K, approved by the mods. Submitted Demo&Bass. If you're going to rate, you really should submit a review too because I have no idea if the 1 is because I sux entirely at making music, or because one part was a bit too loud.

I have begun.

2009-06-30 17:36:25 by NS-NG

I've finished another song. This time, I'm going straight into my style. I'll post more information when I upload the song (if I ever get cleared by the mods. I think my first 2 songs are too generic O.O), but I have to say, I like how it turned out.

Hokay. So. Here's me.

2009-06-29 04:24:26 by NS-NG

Tired. Not much to write about.

For the past week or so I've been trying to teach myself how to make techno music.

Can someone donate some presets or something, or tell me what filters to use? I'm trying to make some DnB now (FINALLY I'm away from that trance !&#^. GOD. I can't listen to my own work when I'm making trance music.)