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---toxic fire [demo]--- ---toxic fire [demo]---

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good beat, horrible preset.

I like the song, but your lead (or is it a bass?) synth at the beginning has a painful quality to it. I think it might be harmonics... anyway, I think you really need to filter it... or change whatever filter you're using.

The main melody is good, but close to the end of the loop it seems to want to go from minor to major, which is a bit... odd.

I like the frequent breaks, especially how the song loops well from the end to the beginning because of them.

I love your rhythm. Perfect. <3

Acid-Notation responds:

the bass at the beginning was not the lead I would say there wasn't much of a lead throughout the whole song actually strangely enough, but I meant for it to sound like since it wasn't so noisy in the beginning